Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy – What is it, Types, Test & Treatment

Communication is the most necessary part of human life. Without it, life becomes difficult. If the person can’t speak properly and understand language and expressions, then he can not live a happy life. And he will face many problems in his life because he can’t share his problems with other people.

There are a variety of problems people face in their life while speaking. But speech therapy gives hope to these people that they can improve their communication skills and live a life where they can understand and express their thoughts in front of other people.

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is a technique that is used for improving language skills and communication problems like speaking, reading, and writing. Speech therapy is used to overcome many problems. With the help of this treatment, people can develop themselves in various activities like voice clarity, sound production, learning expressions, and good communication.

Speech therapists provide this treatment and support people with this disorder. And help them to improve their weaknesses. They teach how we can be better at communication skills.

Why Do You Need Speech Treatment? 

Speech therapy plays a major role in the development of people. It is helpful for both children and adults. It helps to improve overall communications and social skills. There are some cases when people need this therapy – 

#1. Language disorders – In this disorder children can’t pronounce some names and sentences. The main reason for this issue is not clear but unheard of is one of the reasons for it.

#2. Aphasia – Aphasia is a disease that affects communication. In this disorder children/adults do not speak, read, write, or understand language. Aphasia usually happens as a result of a stroke or a head injury.

#3. Fluency disorder – In this disease a person can’t speak continuously. They can say one word more than once or they can suddenly stop while pronouncing this.

#4. Communication disorder – When your brain can’t remember things properly, the brain can lose thinking abilities. Then it is difficult to communicate. Listening, speaking, remembering, and problem-solving skills may all be affected by communication problems.

#5. Dysphonia – In this problem, the voice becomes hoarse, or the voice changes. It occurs when you speak loudly. In this case, we can’t speak clearly or maybe slow. 

Advantages of Speech Therapy

With great speaking ability, people can profoundly connect with society without any shame and can be ready to face upcoming challenges in their life.

There are so many advantages of speech therapy, that are given below – 

  • We can develop our ability to express our feelings and thoughts.
  • With help of this, we improve our speaking skills that help to achieve our career objectives.
  • Increase our reading skill
  • Develop language
  • Voice clarity
  • Develop good communication skills


Bad communication skills block the success of many people. So, if your children have some problem with it, they need to improve themselves so that they can express their thoughts.
If you are looking for a therapy center, come to TheraKids Noida for the best solution. It provides world-class facilities for speech therapy for kids. Our therapists are highly trained that pay full attention to every child equally and help them to improve their confidence. Our first motto is to provide an environment where they can get the confidence to fight with their disabilities.

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