7 Warning Signs Speech Therapy for Your Kids is Needed

7 Warning Signs – Speech Therapy for Your Kids is Needed

Introduction: Troubles with speaking can happen because of the problems in the brain or nerves that control the larynx (the voice box that helps make sounds), vocal cords, and facial muscles. Problems in speech can occur due to infections, injuries, tumors, or muscular issues.

For children, communication skills are for learning and making friends. However, some face challenges and are not able to express themselves easily. Speech skills are not only about taking. It involves articulation, voice, and fluency also. If the child is facing an issue in any of these, then they need some help which can be provided by Speech therapy. We at TheraKids Noida provide Speech therapy for kids. We support children of all age groups with speech and language problems.

Why is Speech Therapy for Kids Important?  

Speech therapy plays a crucial role in shaping the personality of the child. When a child struggles to express themselves with speech, it can lead to feelings of inferiority and lack of confidence. Difficulty in speech hinders progress in academic, professional, and social activities. A professional speech therapist effectively addresses the disorders and helps to evolve into a successful individual. Speech therapy is not only about communication and articulation. But also about helping the children with feeding and swallowing. There are conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, hypernasality, and hyponasality which can be treated through specialized interventions. Speech therapy by a professional therapist contributes significantly to enhancing a child’s well-being and a solid foundation for success. 

A child might show different signs at different ages if they need therapy. Here are some signs to notice in your child and access properly if they need any help.

7 Warning Signs to Check if Speech Therapy for Kids is Needed

Speech Therapy has received positive responses in treating speech disorders. We at TheraKids Noida give specialized attention to alleviate articulation, voice, and inconsistency in fluency. We teach correct sound formation which helps children to get clarity. A child Speech therapist in Noida focuses on providing a holistic approach to speech therapy in a professional way using a scientific approach. 

Difficulty in Prouncing Words:

If your child is speaking inconsistently or irregularly then this means they are Stuttering. It can emerge in children around the age of 2. Children who Stutter often repeat frequently and produce prolonged sounds. However, during the development of languages, some sluttering is common. But this should go after some initial months. Children with fluency challenges may repeat whole words, and syllables, or encounter blocks before speaking. If left unaddressed, these issues can impact a child’s confidence in communication. Pediatric Speech Therapy can provide effective support to such children. Early identification and intervention can enhance the likelihood of positive outcomes.

Their Vocabulary is Limited 

If your child speaks only some words repeatedly and struggles to express themselves, then there may be a delay or disorder in speech. The therapy is usually proved helpful for such children. Generally, by the age of 18 months, children usually can speak 20 words. For a 1.5 to 2-year-old toddler 50-word vocabulary is fine. Although a limited vocabulary alone isn’t a definitive indicator. Significant deviation from these benchmarks could be a concern. It is better to visit a Child Speech therapist in Noida for early identification.

Quite in Social Setups

Some children are naturally shy and quiet. But if you observe that the child is not able to express themselves and make friends in social setups then you can search for Speech therapy for kids nearby. Speech therapy can prove instrumental in addressing these social communication difficulties. Early intervention can help empower children to overcome communication barriers and improve social interaction. You can engage children in Physical Activities that Helps Kids Brain Development and Growth.

Speech Lacks Clarity 

If the speech of your child is hard to understand then the child may be facing challenges. Generally, by the age of 2, any stranger who is talking to your child should be able to understand half of the child’s speech. This increases up to 75% by their 3rd birthday. Take a wise step if your toddlers facing such an issue. You do not need to go very far, just use your phone and in the search engine, search box just write “Speech therapist near meand make the earliest appointment.

Difficulty in StoryTelling

As a parent, you can talk to your child about the day-to-day events. Slowly and steadily they will understand how to sequence events while speaking. Ask them simple questions while spending time with them. If they face any challenges in putting the thoughts or sequencing the events then Speech therapy for kids can help them. Therapy can help them to speak coherently and confidently.

Lack of Progress Over Time

Speech therapy extends beyond spoken language. Skills such as reading, writing, and spelling are important for academic success. Speech therapy can help children if they are facing issues with any of these skills over time. With the increase in age, they should pick up new words and phrases. Parents and caregivers should be attentive to the needs of the child. Speech therapy for kids ensures that children receive the necessary support for overcoming literacy challenges. 

Conditions Like Cerebral Palsy or Down Syndrome

Children with cerebral palsy can face speech challenges if their mouth and speech muscles are also affected. Consistent therapy can help these children to improve the clarity of their speech. For children with Down Syndrome, speech therapy has proved instrumental for their speech and language development. Additionally, a speech therapist helps with eating, drinking, and swallowing. Children are taught alternative communication methods like sign language, for overall wellbeing. For Speech disorders in Noida visit the nearest speech therapy centre. 


In the blog, we have discussed the most common signs that a child can show if there is any need for therapy. Some children show early signs while some just naturally take more time than others. It is important that the caregiver is vigilant and observes the signs properly. If they observe anything doubtful it is better to take professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques: At what age should a child start speech therapy?

Ans: The ideal age for a child to start speech therapy is whenever the delay or problem is detected. Ideally, 2-5 is the best age but if the caregiver detects some issues early then they can visit the speech trainer. 

Ques: How do I know my child needs speech therapy?

Ans: By the time your child is 18 months old, they will start connecting words and speaking small words. If the child is still not picking up new words and is facing difficulty to express then they might need speech therapy. 

Ques: Why do kids need speech therapy?

Ans: Mostly children at the age of 15 can speak their first word. In case of delay or some other factors such as hearing impairments, or cognitive delay, speech therapy can be considered.

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