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Speech Therapy

We find so many queries like how do I find the best online speech therapy near me. So, to answer this query, we have mentioned a few details about the speech and language therapy services. You will get the information related to the speech disorders, their symptoms, and how you can get a better solution. This post will definitely help you to get the perfect service for early intervention speech therapy.


What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is a medical process that helps you to improve your communication ascent and language disorder. Speech treatment was first developed by Robert West, the father of voice therapy in the world. He also wrote an old text in speech therapy; The Rehabilitation of Speech.

A speech therapy specialist is known as a speech therapist or language pathologist. It includes several programs that include language mediate activities, articulation remedies, and others, depending on the type of disorder. So, if you want to know more about speech therapy services, then visit this page.

Why Does Your Child Needs Speech And Language Therapy?

From childhood to being a senior citizen is a beautiful journey. In this journey, we do many things, but the essential part is the communication we conduct with people. So, imagine a person who is unable to speak or finds it difficult to pronounce a word. This scenario may create trauma in a person. Therefore, a newborn baby starts its journey by saying the first-word ma, ma. But if a child begins speaking after 3-4 years or maybe unable to speak, facing issues like stammering, lisp, etc., it is not a common issue and can cause a tremendous problem with the running time in your child. Here we mentioned some of the speech-language disorders.

Articulation disorder- A child with verbalism disorder can not pronounce certain alphabets or words like they may say tith instead of teeth. Children add swaps or may distort some words. Thus, they will require speech therapy service.

Fluency disorder- This disorder affects the flow and rhythm of communication. And this includes two sub-parts of it: stuttering and cluttering. A person with a cluttering problem speaks very fast, and you may be unable to understand their language. And if you see a person who finds it difficult to pronounce a word/ words interrupted or getting blocked, it is a symptom of the stuttering disorder.

Cognitive disorder- When a part of your brain gets damaged or injured, it can cause cognitive-disorder. In this case, you can not solve problems, and your mind will perform tasks leisurely. It affects your brain development and is caused by stroke, brain injury, and abnormal brain development.

Dysarthria- Muscles play an important role while you speak. So, if muscles get injured or become weak due to stroke, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), or Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It can cause this dysarthria disorder.

Aphasia- A person with this disorder is unable to speak a word and finds it difficult to understand what others are saying. Without the proper speech therapy, this disorder can cause reading and writing disabilities.

Expressive disorder- Expressive disorder is an issue in which a child becomes unable to form the correct sentences, like they do grammatical errors or incorrect verb use. This disorder is caused by the unhealthy development of a child, critical medical conditions, down syndrome, etc.

Receptive disorder- The most common symptoms of this order is the inability to understand what others are saying or processing it late in your brain. Hearing loss, stroke, injury, etc., can lead to this disorder.

Apraxia- Apraxia is a most common speech disease in which you understand what others say. But, when you try to reply, you find it difficult to form the correct sentence.

There are many language disorders that need to be treated with the proper guidance. Voice therapy resolves the speech disorder. The type of therapy depends on the kind of speech disorder you have. Speech therapy for autism differs from the therapy a person with Apraxia disorder needs. So, after getting aware about the disorder and you have a query related to this speech therapy near me. For the best solution, continue reading the page.

Different Kinds of Therapies/Activities to Treat a Speech Disorder Child

Children with language disabilities need different types of speech therapy exercises according to the disorder type. We listed some of the most used therapies;

  • Articulation Therapy- In this therapy, specialists use a play method. The type of game depends on the age of the child. A therapist helps children to make certain sounds and guide them to pronounce that sound using the tongue.
  • Speech Obtrusive Therapy- Pathologists treat children using books and objects and by talking and playing with them. This method is basically to improve grammar, language ascent, and vocabulary enhancement. This speech therapy service also includes a reiteration method to improve language skills.
  • Oral-Motor/Feeding and Swallowing Therapy- This method refers to different exercises, including facial massage, neck exercise, and muscle exercise. It helps children to be orally active while drinking, eating, or swallowing.

How Long Does Pediatric Speech Therapy Usually Last?

There is no specific time period for your child's recovery. Because, along with having the required pathologist guidance, several factors affect the duration of recovery;

  • 1. Age is a crucial factor in recovery
  • 2. Critical medical condition
  • 3. Type of speech disorder
  • 4. Method of treatment

Some disorders don't need special surveillance, while others increase over time if you don't conduct speech therapy for kids with the right pathologist's guidance.

Which is the Best Speech Therapy Service for Kids in Noida?

Therakids Noida is the best speech therapy service provider for kids in Noida. With affordable charges, and fees depend on the duration of therapy a child needs. We highly recommend you to provide your child a safe place with high professional pathologists. It proves it possible for your child to become normal and help them to communicate with a good fluency. Moreover, Therakids Noida is the best solution to this question pediatric speech therapy near me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does speech therapy do?

Ans: Speech therapy is a medical process that helps you to overcome your language disorder with the help of a speech-language therapist.

Q2. What are some speech therapy techniques?

Ans: There are many types of speech therapy according to the disorder. We mentioned some most used speech therapy techniques;

  • Speech Obtrusive technique
  • Articulation therapy
  • Oral-Motor/Feeding and Swallowing technique
Q3. How do I know if my child needs speech therapy?

Ans: A normal child starts babbling at the age of 2-3. And, if your child doesn't react to your sound, or maybe finds it difficult to speak a word in flow. Kids with Down syndrome also need therapy. There are many similar symptoms of this disorder, which helps you to know if your child needs therapy.

Q4. Does speech delay mean autism?

Ans: No, speech delay is not specific to autism. Because many adults face speaking issues, and the reason is global developmental delay, physical disability, stroke, and many more.

Q5. How can I improve my child's speech?

Ans: The best remedy for this problem is Therakids Noida. Because they help your child to overcome this issue with the help of expert techniques and their best speech therapy services.

Q6. Can a child with speech delays catch up?

Ans: In many cases, your toddler will catch up, but some kids face serious issues that need special help.

Q7. What age is best for speech therapy?

Ans: There is no age barrier for speech therapy. At every stage of your life, you can take this therapy.

Q8. At what age should you worry about a child not talking?

Ans: If your child won't start babbling at the age of 2-3, and don't react to your actions or be unable to speak, then your child needs Voice therapy.

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